Studio N – theSpace NYC

Studio N – the Space NYC wishes to congratulate our friends on their recent pilots. National Startup Association – Eric Egeland United States of Chile – Alex Matas Nighttime Design Initiative – Leni Schwendinger Your efforts to design and create ventures that will make a real impact and can lead to beneficial movements that may […]

National Startup Association

Congratulations to Eric Egeland for establishing a National Startup Association unlike any other. Recreating success for entrepreneurs, service providers and investors is the core mission for this network of ventures that is growing steadily by encouraging one another to take leaps and bounds.

United States of Chile

As a de facto ambassador of Chile to the United States, Alex Matas has set in motion a creative commercial and broadcasting venture that bridges the two countries unlike any previously. Based in NYC, Alex is connecting Chilean companies with U.S. counterparts and vice versa. Then he creates video episodes of these endeavors which will […]

Nighttime Design Initiative

Congratulations to Leni Schwendinger on her latest endeavors. On May 16th, she announced to London and to the world the International Nighttime Design Initiative. Then as a follow-up, she presented at the pilot launch of the El Space Forum in NYC. Can’t wait to see where these fantastic pilot designs may take you.