Another Road Win

RoadtripN Wins

Purposefully getting out on the road to chase after chicken demands the courage of a lion. Many will ridicule, many will taunt and point fingers. But to those that stay the course, victory is theirs for the taking.

Kicking back in the vast open parking lot of Bloomington, one has much time to reflect and give deep consideration to the things that really matter. Isn’t going after chicken one of the really important things? Doesn’t it give us the opportunity to hang out with friends and celebrate this great adventure?

One friendly local came by during this extended contemplation and asked, “Are you here supporting gay rights or are you right-wing extremists protecting Chick-Fil-A from the much less than riotous crowd?” Deep pause (because of the contemplating state) before answer, “Nope, just here #roadtripN and sharing the day with friends new and old and hoping to score some free chicken.”

That’s a pretty solid reward all by itself, isn’t it?


  1. Agreed. Free chicken is its own reward. 😀

    #roadtripN it UP!!

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