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The future is now. That’s right the future is today. Belize awaits your arrival. Tired of the long commutes from The Woodlands into Houston? From Plano into Dallas? From Georgetown into Austin? Maybe, you should consider packing everything and moving to Ambergris Caye island in Belize. In just about the time it takes to commute from the suburbs, you could arrive by plane from your new beachfront to the metro Texas city of your choosing.

And, if you’re a digital commuter, then Belize makes even more sense. With high-speed internet and a laptop, you can slave away to your office directly from the poolside bar. While all of your conference call co-workers are slipping and sliding through another winter ice storm, you can be paddling your long board out to the reef or kicking back in a hammock as you hammer out the details for the latest deal to close.

This possibility is no longer to remain as a fixture of imagination. This possibility is taking place this very moment. An interesting stat reported from our Belize friends – 80% of the property being purchased on Ambergris Caye is being purchased by people from Texas.

Here’s a list of further reasons:

– The greatest scuba diving reef in the world lies just to the east as sort of an extended backyard
– A Miami style property, without Miami traffic or even Miami, for less than half the cost
– The native tongue in Belize is English
– The food is amazing
– The weather is amazinger
– Property rights are yours
– You can always vacation in Belize. Or, you can live here and vacation for a week in the states every now and then.

Seriously, if you’re open to the possibilities, you should take a serious look at Belize. Better hurry though, the word is getting out!

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