Opposite World

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Do you ever find yourself just staring at the field from the bench? Do you ever find yourself wondering what it would be like if you took the leap of faith and jumped across the white line onto the playing surface? Do you ever find yourself just thinking about changing the venue of the arena or the uniform or even the sport?

Our best guess is that the answer is “NO”. Our best guess is derived from our own personal experiences of never finding ourselves by doing these things alone. Our best guess is that staring, wondering, and just thinking about doing is insufficient.

Welcome to Opposite World.

From this point moving forward, we’re going to have to sum the courage to enter into our dreams and act upon them in order that they may even possibly be realized. From this point moving forward, we’re not saying that all of our dreams will be realized. But, our best guess is that the probability of success improves greatly once we lift ourselves off the bench.

Welcome to Opposite World.

theSpace Moving West


The first two sites are launched and two more appear to be on the near horizon. theSpace is now open in Dallas and Denver with Albuquerque and Las Vegas upcoming.

What exactly is theSpace you may be asking? theSpace is an exploratory community of primarily men that have experience with a total change of direction in their lives and/or careers. theSpace is part support, part encouragement, part incubator, and part map room offering experience and insights while walking alongside men through these transitions.

If you are struggling to find the way right now in your career, business, family, health, or life – we invite you to check out theSpace.



Blastoff for us means prayers are finally getting off the ground. Blastoff started ten years ago for us as we joined together in a far away mission field. It was here that we began to learn just how far away we were from rebuilding foundations and communities out of our past. It was here that we first caught a glimpse that we were trying to rebuild foundations and communities totally out of our minds.

Today, ten years later, what we are intent and really hope to share with others is just how we came to see the lights go on.

It has been such a wild ride just getting here. We can only imagine, as these rocket boosters kick in, the blast off is going to be even more amazing.


love large

This week, ten years of effort and starts and re-starts in search of a transparent liftoff find us standing on the launchpad. The invitations have gone out and the agenda is set in place. We’re in countdown mode…finally.

Now, as with any launch, we know that anything could actually happen. We could lose oxygen. We could have our suit ripped to shreds. We could fail the experiment.

Yet, we are excited as all get out to blast off. We recognize that we are now here because of nothing that we have done. If the ten years have taught us anything, they’ve taught us this.

We are hopeful men come forward and find a breath of fresh air. Owderblue is about to be realized.


Reunion Fireworks

Dallas is busy, busy, busy at work. By most appearances, Dallas is a hub of wealth and happiness. Dig a little deeper though and men are wrestling with a level of angst over their current career and/or life. One of the richest cities on the planet also has one of the highest levels of depression and dissatisfaction.

How can this be? How can men be dissatisfied? How can men change course if need be? This is an experience that we can offer insights. We came to this fork-in-the-road intersection and knew that something had to change. Today, we share our experience of changing course and offer of assistance to help other men do the same.

Gatherings in Dallas are happening throughout 2015 and online meetings are available daily. For further info, contact RoadtripN at: www.plant12.org

We’re excited to participate in theSpace for men to change course in Dallas! We hope that you may contact us and join along in this adventure!



Being available to our families today is such a gift. Basking in the glow that is showing love to those angels who stuck with us through thick and thin. Thankful the lights went on in our lives. Thankful for the purpose we now have to share in the rebuilding of foundations while making such good use of our past experiences.

What a design! What grace! Thank you for flooding our emptiness!


RoadtripN Sunrise

All-in and holding nothing back, this dawning of day shouts it out loud. Awaken, there is no need to suffer any longer. The beams of brilliant light piercing out of the old rubble make clear the way is paved and passage is secure. What a sight to see refreshed down-and-outers giving themselves to the down-and-out.

Sound the trumpets. Life is coming to the emptiest of places. In plain view, the rebellion of false appearances is being offered the invitation to step out of the shadows and become transparent.

Here we go! Dawn is breaking in! Prayers for help are being answered! Time to go soaring!



Re-Signing at the proverbial fork in the road. Making the decision to right hairpin turn away from Deadman’s curve. It’s either that or through the guardrail and over the cliff. Didn’t see this coming when we set out on this course. Sure, there were no doubt mountains to be maneuvered. But, our very best map didn’t foresee this potential resolution.

Best guess: Forward, around the bend, and continue to try and stay on the path.



The first step into theSpace is to take the first step. It is profound logic such as this that makes the crossing seem so difficult to bridge. Where are we going after we cross? What if we’re going someplace we don’t wish to go? Perhaps, things will improve on their own if we just stay stuck here in the muck.

It is a rather spectacular span though. And what if, maybe, just maybe, it leads us away from our stewage? Should we take the chance? Should we choose to follow across?

Find Outerblue


Nothing is easy. It takes community and action and determination to find Outerblue. It takes inspiration and perspiration to get your venture off the launchpad. Yet, how cool is this? We’re catching some real looks at a fantasy we only dreamed might exist. Today, entrepreneurships are rocketing out every week.

We like to call it Outerblue. It’s not a dream. It’s a dream realized. Let’s launch our ventures together.

Join RoadtripN now and let’s do this.