Center Stage

Center Stage

The oddest gravity exists in Juba. The weight of the pressing is so heavy in one scene and so light in the next. It seems the extreme uncertain conditions have freed a vast population from the fear that any worse circumstance could possibly exist. How can this be?

Could there be such a place where the character stepping to center stage is no longer burdened by the everyday worries? Could there be such a place where in coming to see so much trouble the condition state just no longer holds meaning? Could there be a place where peace and laughter and hope seem almost fantastical graffiti sprayed over the backdrop of pain and lack? Never imagining that such a place could exist, yet this is the gift communicated by the people and city of Juba.

Tripping across the world is a mission undertaken in search of something bigger and grander. It is the most true paradox that often times you can find what you’re looking for where you least expect it. Who would envision such a place?

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