Prairie Roadrunner


Criss-crossing this great land of ours determined to encourage prosperity and laughter as we go. Why else would you roadtripN?

Louder laughter than the cackles ringing from Kansas is hard to find. First off, they have a monumental location that causes you to pass through it twice if you want to go coast-to-coast and back. Effectively, just by winning the lottery of being born in Kansas, they are promised two visits by our roadtripN’ers simply due to roundtrip physics.

When we swung in to chat with this pictured farmer, he admitted that we must bring somewhere in the neighborhood of $2 billion GDP give or take a couple just to his community alone. We buy the wheat they grow for our hamburger buns, the cows they raise for the burger, and we pay the toll fees for the road just to receive the pleasure of catching this steel Owderblue glimpse.

How loud must the laughter get? Give a roadtripN’er a break rolls on.

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