theSpace Galleries are now opening everywhere. Sometimes, this is not as easily recognized as maybe it should be. Maybe, it is because we are just too busy to slow down for a moment and look out the window. However, if you have the chance to take a more leisurely little roadtripN tour around the areas and take in the sights, you’re going to see some masterpieces that are so good they’re unable to be fully captured. Hit the road, the galleries are open 24/7.



So, we’ve been out for a couple of weeks coasting around. Set the cruise control and go wherever the road takes us. And as A.Bandon would have it, coasting took us to the Oregon coast. Now we’re starting to see the bigger picture. Even with our feet off the gas, this retirement adventure is full of possibilities. Too cool!


Casa Buena Vista Cacique resize 002

Kickin back in theSpace and looking out over the Pacifico. This is a pretty special day for reflecting on just how good we have it. Wanta know why this is a pretty special day for this kind of reflection? It’s simple, really. It’s Tuesday and we’re looking out over the Pacifico. Need we say more?

Locally Global Showing Belize

Photo 17

Here’s a little beauty where we like to stay when we track down to Belize and scuba the Caribbean.