Setting sail for the Riviera and looking forward to the time on the beach and the opportunity to reflect on the rocks and the coves that helped shape the voyage. It used to be that we got a little agitated when we went and scoped the crash sites. Now, we smile and find a sense of depth from knowing we’d never be here in the cove had we not landed there as well. Grab a rope, feel the breeze, RoadtripN the high seas is ready to push out into the blue.



Pull up a lounge chair and pluck a spot here in the shade under the thatch. Listen to the waves as they splish, splash, and crash onto the sands. Check out the photography vendors with their monkey set to pose for your modeling premiere. There are only a couple other spots in all the world that measure up to the people watching sport one finds on the beach.

For future reference:

Fire engine red skin does not equate to tan and is less attractive.
Free, unlimited cocktails are not meant to be consumed all in one setting.
European suits are made for european-dieted bodies, not for burger kings.
It is easier to walk after you rinse the salt and sand out of your shorts.

Every day COULD be like this one. Why do we choose to space these out into vacations? Wonder if the monkey photographer has openings for an apprentice?



We must go out. We simply must. We’re wired to go head first into the waves and push the adventure envelope.

But, with every good thing comes risk. And with every risk taken, the chances improve that sooner or later you’re going to lose. And when you do, welcome to the rocks.

Yes, they hurt. Yes, there is some pain, broken bones, and lost wages. Yes, there is probably even some hospital and court visits to be had if you take up the journey. Could we have done it differently? Probably not, we didn’t know better. Could we have avoided it all together? Yes, by not going out. But, where’s the life in that? Let’s go out, take our bumps and bruises along the way, and not shy away too much the next time. It’s just better this way! Bring on the waves, bring on the rocks, we’re all-in.



There are days and spots where you’re convinced that you’re going to arrive. Those days where you find that place, that zone. Those days where you breathe it in and know it may not last but it was worth every penny and scar to stand here even for a moment. This is one of those places.

A Round

golf 11

We’ve been putting a round for a couple of weeks just trying to get our game back in gear. Now we’re rested and prepped to leave the putter in the bag. It’s time to start throwing eagles on the board from 220. We’re feeling it – we’re in the zone!

Tour Club

golf club

In case you’ve just started tracking along with our roadtripN, we’re a tour club project unlike any other. It isn’t that we necessarily have a great game or that we’ve got this retirement thing all figured out. Neither of these things are remotely the case. We just love to travel, we love to play, we enjoy the recreation all around us, and we’re convinced it is more fun going with the group. So if you’re searching for some adventure and interested to try something new, raise your hand. All it takes to join the tour club is a desire to get out here. Game on! Let’s drive!

Texas – OU is Just Around the Corner

orange team pan am

The next two weekends both teams have a break from the soccer fields. But stay tuned, we will be making a #roadtrip to the Texas-OU Game in Dallas – October 12! HOOK ‘EM!!

Austin Capitalizes W’s Down South

white team UTSA

This weekend both teams came away with another #roadtripN W!

The Orange team took the six hour trek south to Edinburg. Passing through the first inspection station on the way, we made sure to throw up a Hook ‘Em at the officer! We beat UT Pan America 7-0, before heading back to Austin – another win closer to the National Title!

The White Team was also victorious as they defeated UT San Antonio 2-0! After the game, they jogged across the field to say thank you to the fans that traveled with them to cheer them on!

SupportN by RoadtripN

logo field

Good luck on the pitches and travels.

Stacking W’s and Invitations

Letter photo

This past Friday night the Orange and White Team’s games were both rained out. However, we took advantage of our night off and packaged over 500 letters to send out to our friends and family! Each year we take part in this Letter Writing Campaign in which we spread the word about our program, our accomplishments and our goals. Last year over $6,000 was raised in support of our program! It is our goal this season to exceed this amount and send both teams back to Nationals!

After heading the letters over to the post office on Sunday afternoon, UT Orange went up against A&M Kingsville and had a landslide win by a score of 12-0! The White Team played the Houston-Tillotson NCAA team losing 4-1. However, playing such a challenging rival will only help prepare them for Nationals in Phoenix!

We’re working hard to stack W’s and excitedly looking forward to your responses to our invitations. The #roadtrip is gaining momentum and November is just around the corner.