VSL = Venturing Systems Laboratory

Control Panel

Welcome to the mission control center of VSL Seaworthy.

VSL equates to Venturing Systems Laboratory. It is from here that we venture entrepreneurships with some of the finest partners from around the globe. It is from here that we balance venturing with systems. Systems like our Flymach co-piloting, our RoadtripN exhibits, and our Co.Mission architectures. It is from here that we dream up and find introduction to new experiments ready made for testing in our laboratory.

Sharing our 20+ years of experience, we’re a rolling, traveling, venturing systems laboratory built for high-speed entrepreneurship.

Say hello and let’s begin to dream, design, develop, and deliver together.

Being Seaworthy launches further!

Going Out on the RoadtripN

CO Mission Logo-Final

Co.Sponsoring Brand

Co.Mission Ventures is a company on a RE-building mission. Co.Mission proudly supports the #roadtripN by bringing their roving entrepreneurial arts studio, classroom, and collaborative to the assistance of entrepreneurs everywhere. In 2014, Co.Mission is venturing out on the #roadtrip to share The American Dreamed. It looks to be quite an adventure. Contact them to schedule a visit to your Space: website.