There is wisdom in going up the mountain with someone who has already made the climb and has an experienced compass. Whenever we come to that life pass where a change in direction is necessary, it would seem the best course of action would be to invite the help of a sherpa.

Can you imagine being an astronaut on your first space mission and being called upon to spacewalk outside the shuttle? Can you imagine if you hadn’t received any training in the simulator? What would you do?

Why is it that when life throws a man a curve that is comparable to spacewalking many men choose to walk out into the foreign unknown without seeking for someone who has been there and done that?

If we could offer any advice from our past mistakes, find a sherpa. Whenever you come to that life pass where a change in direction is imperative, find a sherpa.

And then? Head out! Let’s climb!



Please don’t hiatus for taking a little break from the match play. Getting adjusted to these retirement rounds has taken a little more getting used to than we first expected. Hard pressed to explain, all we can gather is that our normally laser-like focus drifted a little off the fairway and our swing seemed more that of a slice. Obviously, given our dire straits out in the rough, a timeout was necessary to hit the range. Practice, practice, and practice. We’ve found the course again and we’re driving back onto the tour. Get ready. It’s time for some recreation. A.Bandon here we come.