theSpace Moving West


The first two sites are launched and two more appear to be on the near horizon. theSpace is now open in Dallas and Denver with Albuquerque and Las Vegas upcoming.

What exactly is theSpace you may be asking? theSpace is an exploratory community of primarily men that have experience with a total change of direction in their lives and/or careers. theSpace is part support, part encouragement, part incubator, and part map room offering experience and insights while walking alongside men through these transitions.

If you are struggling to find the way right now in your career, business, family, health, or life – we invite you to check out theSpace.



Blastoff for us means prayers are finally getting off the ground. Blastoff started ten years ago for us as we joined together in a far away mission field. It was here that we began to learn just how far away we were from rebuilding foundations and communities out of our past. It was here that we first caught a glimpse that we were trying to rebuild foundations and communities totally out of our minds.

Today, ten years later, what we are intent and really hope to share with others is just how we came to see the lights go on.

It has been such a wild ride just getting here. We can only imagine, as these rocket boosters kick in, the blast off is going to be even more amazing.


Big Blue Bear

Denver is known everywhere for being wide open to experimentation. From its very earliest days, people from everywhere have come to the front range searching to go a different direction. Today is the new day to lay stake to your claim and change the course.

Cool things are happening in local small businesses throughout Denver each and everyday. For further info, check out the Cyphr space

Join along in this adventure!



Being available to our families today is such a gift. Basking in the glow that is showing love to those angels who stuck with us through thick and thin. Thankful the lights went on in our lives. Thankful for the purpose we now have to share in the rebuilding of foundations while making such good use of our past experiences.

What a design! What grace! Thank you for flooding our emptiness!



Great trip last week out to see theSpaces in the Rocky Mountains. There are so many to choose from. There is Scrib. There is The Enclave. There is Cohere. And, then the mobile versions are pretty cool too. Like Built in Colorado and Vulume. What started as an adventure to RedRockNDenver took us on a full blown RoadtripN Colorado.

Aspen Dates

Owderblue Projects

Maybe you’ve been wondering is the #roadtrip over? Are they stuck in a ditch? Never fear….as you can see, we’re cruising along Route 66 just fine.

Updating the S^C Denver #roadtrip, we’re scheduling a pass through Aspen. A couple of LaunchPad prospectives have been contacted and we’re jazzed to see theSpace. Perhaps, we may even catch some of the XGames which would be a great complimentary ticket. RE-volution 2014 rolls on and the projects look to be quite a blast. Stay tuned in to the music.

S^C Red RockN Denver

Big Blue Bear - rotate

It’s no longer fuzzy blue bear. The Saddle UP Circus is coming to your neck of the woods.