Can you picture yourself on a Spacewalk? Doesn’t this seem highly impossible and unlikely? Totally foreign? Totally frightening?

For men who really want to get off the bench, we invite you to join us for a four-part conversation where we explore 1-on-1:

– Where do we find ourselves now?

– Where are we headed?

– Where are we in need of development?

– Where are we taking action to move forward?

For many of the reasons we highlighted above, we call this series – “Spacewalks”. We admit these conversations probably look scary at first glance. Compared to an actual spacewalk though, isn’t this really more like a walk in the park?

For men who are interested to explore and go further, contact RoadtripN:

Opposite World

Join the game

Do you ever find yourself just staring at the field from the bench? Do you ever find yourself wondering what it would be like if you took the leap of faith and jumped across the white line onto the playing surface? Do you ever find yourself just thinking about changing the venue of the arena or the uniform or even the sport?

Our best guess is that the answer is “NO”. Our best guess is derived from our own personal experiences of never finding ourselves by doing these things alone. Our best guess is that staring, wondering, and just thinking about doing is insufficient.

Welcome to Opposite World.

From this point moving forward, we’re going to have to sum the courage to enter into our dreams and act upon them in order that they may even possibly be realized. From this point moving forward, we’re not saying that all of our dreams will be realized. But, our best guess is that the probability of success improves greatly once we lift ourselves off the bench.

Welcome to Opposite World.