Why are we tripN?


Someone has to take up this duty. Someone has to get this country back on the road to somewhere. Someone has to start tipping the scales and the service providers like only a roadtripN’er can or this whole situation may just get out of hand.

It is with this reasoning and the fact that we qualify as someones that we take up the mantle. Follow along if you dare, we are going tripN for America. May our mission be successful because failure is really not an alternative that any of us may wish to face.

West Coast Patriot


Coast to coast and station to station, we’re out locating Owderblue destinations for the benefit of our fellow roadtripN’ers. We recognize the sheer enormity of this task and how vital it is to keep pedals to the metal. Just think how many industries we cause to employ from the fossil fuel group, the environmental lobbyist, the automobile manufacturer, and the safety advocate to the fast food worker, the hotel front desk person, and the internet blog software team. We’re just guessing here that this photo alone probably stimulates somewhere in the neighborhood of $2 billion GDP give or take a couple.

And given this massive economic contribution, we’re thinking it’s time that roadtripN’ers garner some sort of national reciprocity. At least, if nothing else, could we please legislate that all windshield cleaner containers at our favorite rest stops be kept full? Would you please help us by enforcing fines and even some jail time for this offense that quite frankly just about brings our economy to a halt?

If this can’t be done, then at least could we find a car wash sponsor that would offer one free car wash a day to our cross-country sojourner friends? Any takers?

Owderblue full steam ahead. Give a roadtripN’er a break decade in progress.