theSpace Galleries are now opening everywhere. Sometimes, this is not as easily recognized as maybe it should be. Maybe, it is because we are just too busy to slow down for a moment and look out the window. However, if you have the chance to take a more leisurely little roadtripN tour around the areas and take in the sights, you’re going to see some masterpieces that are so good they’re unable to be fully captured. Hit the road, the galleries are open 24/7.


curator car

As we traverse the globe presenting theSpace to retirees, entrepreneurs, and investors, we curate a few other topics of interest.

Here’s a list of the curations:

LaunchPad – Entrepreneurs and Business
Showcase – Architecture and Design
RE-volution – Retirement and Recreation
RoadtripN – Art and Travel
Owderblue – Inspiration and Skylines
Locally Global – Luxury Real Estate Properties

If you live abroad and have an interest to share theSpace with your place in the world, please let us know. Due to rapid expansion, we are constantly on the lookout for great curators and networkers. If this describes you, contact us. We would love to learn more about your perspective.


Our gallery showcasing the design and beauty of properties throuhout theSpace(s). Drop us a note if you have something exhibition worthy. The gallery is open 24/7 for all to enjoy.

BridgeN the Blue


There is so much left to see and do that it seems the roadtrip never ends…provided of course we remain curious. So, we’re determined to keep learning, keep exploring, keep pushing against the fence, and keep building towards the bridgeN the blue. Off the bench road trippers, let’s get going!

Galerie’s Gone Airborne


Oh, where? Oh, where has Galerie gone?

Galerie’s Gone Global

big ben

Galerie is showing up all over the place. Galerie’s gone global determined never to return to the old status quo.

The Art Road Show

vulume box large

We found a really cool site to place our roadtripN photos. It makes us feel almost like gallery artists. It also let’s us collaborate photos with other roadtrip’ers which is a great way to share the adventures. So…the gallery is now open. Come hang a picture with us. It’ll be fun!