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theSpace is now open as we’re setting off on a galactic roadtripN leading to outerblue. Log onto Cel.ly to get started and then come join our cell @RoadtripN. We’re out and about for the first quarter of 2015 and will be extending broader invitations soon. Grab a spot now as we realize a movement being formed.


Reunion Fireworks

theSpace – Dallas is now in full swing and the first day of RoadtripN Texas is in the books. Dallas showed its usual flair for new ideas by being both boisterous and laid back at the same time. The common reply, “Of course, it will work in Dallas. This is where every really great idea gets started – I mean just look at the Cowboys.” Then again many who said this were about twenty minutes late for kickoff. See the picture?

Just kidding, love Dallas! Dallas is a beautiful growing place that is filled with bright faces and brighter ideas. theSpace Dallas is going to be a force for their community in the upcoming days. It is exciting to see the interest and to see people excited to take part. Looking forward to the future of this location.

RoadtripN Presents Austin

Austin Bridge

Want to be a part of the RoadtripN – Austin community? Join in our collaborations as we explore Austin together and share the best of the offerings to theSpace. Simply sign-up here to get started today.

Once we receive notification of your subscription, we will forward an invitation to join in the fun! And let us know if you’re headed down anytime soon? We’ve paddling across Town Lake, cooler full of ice, and just kicking back awaiting your arrival.