Beta: Expedition Mach UP

Given the recent announcement of our Beta: Learning Com, we have another beta roadtripN ahead – Beta: Expedition Mach UP

We have to get the word out about Beta: Learning Com. We need to get our boots on the ground and share the news. We have to do this and while so doing have this activity pay for itself. It has to pay for itself or we will have to charge an arm and a leg for the learning communities. This is simply – “No bueno!”

Now the experts have told us to just do inbound marketing. Their guidance is that we just need to use blogs and tweets and inbound funnels and the like to get the word out. As we were listening to them and questioning how it all works and how does it proof up, they asked us if we knew of any sales teams they could work with that go outbound.

Go outbound? That’s a roadtripN dream!

We love to travel, hit the trade shows, make friends and engage clients face-to-face. We love it so much that we struggle to find time to share to the blog, or tweet, or check the funnels. We get so wound up going outbound that going inbound suffers. We can be weird like that.

So, here’s our plan just in case you have any interest in participating or referring us to one of your friends. We are hitting the road all across the U.S. to introduce our new Beta: Learning Com and to meet others who may want to join in the learning or start their own com. As we go, we are going to offer our abilities to translate English into 28 different languages and vice versa. As we go, we are also going to offer our abilities to meet and share what you may have going on with your business. We are open to seeing how this all shapes up.

The thing we keep hearing over and over and over is, we are really interested to have U.S. sales teams and representatives with boots on the ground and a ready vehicle to roll. And that’s us. We aren’t overly flashy. We aren’t exactly who all the experts would point to. We are however pretty solid when it comes to developing a crew that pays for itself. Practice makes towards perfection?

If you have an interest to participate, or if you need your services translated into local markets, or if you just need a letter translated to German, we’re you’re sales team with boots on the ground. Beta: Expedition Mach UP to share our Beta: Learning Coms hits the road February 10th. Want to thumb a lift?

Beta: Learning Com

After years of drafting and sketching, the beta group of learning communities are now enrolling for the first spring semester of theSpace. To share that we are over the moon is an understatement. As readers of our travelers blog know, we have been out and about roadtripN this concept for years. The ups and downs and turns and twists of this road to finally arrive here have been adventurous to say the least. Thanks for riding along with us and helping to see us to this destination.

So, now we are here – what’s next?

It looks like the first four beta groups of learning to be formed are as diverse as our fellow roadtrippers.

First Semester Offerings:

– Chemistry
– Music
– Physical Training
– Dog Training

If any of these subjects interest you, drop us a line. Our group leaders are excited to share their knowledge on these subjects and develop communities that explore these interests in very practical and interactive ways.

Again, WOW! Just as we were puttering to a near stop, the idea that applying ourselves to search further into the unknown of our dreams proved itself yet once more. This is the way of learning moving into the future. Come and see for yourselves if you would like. We welcome you to test our beta: learning com and look forward to seeing where else this may lead.



Can you picture yourself on a Spacewalk? Doesn’t this seem highly impossible and unlikely? Totally foreign? Totally frightening?

For men who really want to get off the bench, we invite you to join us for a four-part conversation where we explore 1-on-1:

– Where do we find ourselves now?

– Where are we headed?

– Where are we in need of development?

– Where are we taking action to move forward?

For many of the reasons we highlighted above, we call this series – “Spacewalks”. We admit these conversations probably look scary at first glance. Compared to an actual spacewalk though, isn’t this really more like a walk in the park?

For men who are interested to explore and go further, contact RoadtripN:



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