Come by and say hello! Yes, there’s traffic that gets in the way. There’s things to do, things that seem more important, things that get in the way of accepting the invitation. We understand. We found it hard to stop by and say hello for the longest time.

But, then the road came to a standstill. A near dead stop. We wanted to move. The traffic was moving. But, we weren’t. Our heads raced around like Indy cars. Our feet stuck in neutral. It is a strange sensation when we are faced with this kind of traffic jam.

Here’s what we’ve seen and experienced. The traffic changed when we asked for help. We’re not saying that all of the sudden every lane opened up and we were back to normal. In fact, far from it.

However, the traffic did change. It was like we had hold of the choke on the engine. When we asked for some help and direction, it felt like the choke was slowly releasing. It felt like maybe there was some hope for the streets being cleared. It felt like just maybe these other drivers had been here too. The lanes didn’t just open up by extending our hands, but for the first time in a long time there seemed a possibility of Owderblue. For the first time in a long time, there was hope.

Reaching The Digital Age

The Band

In the blink of an eye, the story is told and almost just as quickly forgotten. What required days and weeks of foot and pony express travel across frightening lands, now takes nanoseconds. Passing the information is easy, reaching the audience however not so much.

Perhaps, there are just too many voices these days seeking to grab our attention? Perhaps, our wealth of information makes its value less? Supply & Demand? Lots of supply = free to demand.

Perhaps, we’re just all struck with attention deficit disorder? Maybe, too many flashy loud toys strip us of the ability to focus?

One thing is clearly focus-able though. Here in the Digital Age, where messages are splashed around fast and furious, it is imperative we find the right channel soon. Out here on The Digital Age #roadtrip, we can overload on information like Halloween candy. All fat, dumb, and happy search-it-alls never finding what we’re made to be seeking. Welcome to The Digital Age. Ready or not! The fun store is open to adventure. Care to come along for the ride?

Invitation to NYC #roadtrip