Layover Nairobi

nairobi airport

Laying over in #Nairobi is an adventure unto itself. The #roadtrip never ceases from presenting the views of very different worlds that sometimes lie just a few blocks from one another. One night in Nairobi….

Taking Shortcuts?

Take the Short Route

At the time, it only made sense to take the shortcut through the gas station parking lot along with all the other cars. Wonder if this is what buffalo feel like when they follow the herd off the cliff?

Navigating African Traffic


Africa Traffic Navigation

It’s a jungle navigating African traffic!



After a few days of trail mix, granola bars, peanut butter, and canned tuna, the Carnivore restaurant in Nairobi is a great meat oasis.

Mayfield Guesthouse


Out on the #roadtrip, one never really knows what the weather or accommodations may be like. While soaking in refreshing temperatures in the lower 60’s, The Mayfield served up a soft bed, a nice breakfast, and a place to catch up on the rest of the world.

Aerial GolfN Kibera


Flying into Nairobi, the tale of two cities is stark. The adventurous #roadtripper can take in a relaxing morning round of charity golf at one of the nicest courses in all of Africa. And then in the afternoon, hop over just a couple of blocks to Kibera for some much available service work.


Certainly, the #roadtripN course is a challenging one that often leaves us spinning like a bad slice.

As our team made the turn giggling with delight over posting a competitive score of -5 under, one couldn’t help but feel a little uplifted knowing we were making a difference. Frivolous consumption of pampered luxury for a good cause really swells the heart.

Unfortunately, we came up just short of winning the tournament. Sadly, we bogeyed the last two holes in twisted fashion and ended up missing out on the grand prize. It hurt a little to lose especially given the purse money would have paid for the expenses of the entire trip.

After the lunch banquet, we were shuttled over to the mission field for a look-in. The tour was quite eye-opening as one could definitely see that we’d done good by supporting the tourney with our play.

Out here on the #roadtrip, it can be enlightening at times to see how we often miss the putt and lose sight of the important things. Onwards….

A Case of Et Cetera

A Case of Et Cetera

Seems that we’ve caught a case of et cetera. Fortunately, we’ve arrived in Nairobi and found a specialist in our ailment. Thank goodness for #roadsigns.


Kichwa Tembo

Taking a slow roll around the Masai Mara in another awesome #roadtripN cruiser.

Hi there Elle

Hi there Elle

Oh, what a beautiful site. May you never be forgotten!


What are you looking at?

This is one of the all-time favorites as this giraffe poses for the pic.