Standing under the sky towering. Every now and then, we find a spot where we feel right sized in the moment and space. This is one of those times ten.

Never thought we would find the courage to cross the bridge, make the turn, stand the post, and then present the gifts. It’s a great today in theSpace out here on the RoadtripN catching glimpses of Owderblue.

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Nothing is easy. It takes community and action and determination to find Outerblue. It takes inspiration and perspiration to get your venture off the launchpad. Yet, how cool is this? We’re catching some real looks at a fantasy we only dreamed might exist. Today, entrepreneurships are rocketing out every week.

We like to call it Outerblue. It’s not a dream. It’s a dream realized. Let’s launch our ventures together.

Join RoadtripN now and let’s do this.


Kichwa Tembo

Setting the travel plans now to begin the Outerblue Projects. We’re as excited as we’ve been in a while because this is what we’ve been driving towards for sometime now. The Outerblue Projects are a lifetime in the making. We are thrilled to share them with you and hope that you may be encouraged to hear the stories and join in the fun.

Sightings from the Owderblue

Scuba Costa Rica

There are plenty of sights to see. Come on take the leap. Jump into your retirement. Jump into the Owderblue!

Costa Rican Fisherman

Sport Fishing

Leaving the bankers behind, we’re setting off to do some fishing with our Costa Rica friends.

Launching the Boats


It’s official. Day One of the Owderblue is underway. The boats are launching and we’re set off to Costa Rica for the adventure of retirement. Come along for the ride!

Memorial Comes to Life

Memorial Comes to Life

TripN across Juba, we were invited to a memorial event that turned into jubilation. The speakers took to the stage and exhorted the crowd that the life of sacrifice devoted to see the new nation would not be undermined by death. The new nation they foretold would sprout from the ashes.