All indications are that we’re heading west. We’ve received a number of invitations for the fall to connect and participate in Outerblue conversations. It is such a thrill when you begin to see dreams take shape. Connections lead to conversations which lead to collaborations leading finally to contributions. These contributions make all the difference in the world. They are the first real glimpses of a reality that exists beyond our wildest dreams. Time to hit the road. Westward bound!


love large

This week, ten years of effort and starts and re-starts in search of a transparent liftoff find us standing on the launchpad. The invitations have gone out and the agenda is set in place. We’re in countdown mode…finally.

Now, as with any launch, we know that anything could actually happen. We could lose oxygen. We could have our suit ripped to shreds. We could fail the experiment.

Yet, we are excited as all get out to blast off. We recognize that we are now here because of nothing that we have done. If the ten years have taught us anything, they’ve taught us this.

We are hopeful men come forward and find a breath of fresh air. Owderblue is about to be realized.



Standing under the sky towering. Every now and then, we find a spot where we feel right sized in the moment and space. This is one of those times ten.

Never thought we would find the courage to cross the bridge, make the turn, stand the post, and then present the gifts. It’s a great today in theSpace out here on the RoadtripN catching glimpses of Owderblue.

Find Outerblue


Nothing is easy. It takes community and action and determination to find Outerblue. It takes inspiration and perspiration to get your venture off the launchpad. Yet, how cool is this? We’re catching some real looks at a fantasy we only dreamed might exist. Today, entrepreneurships are rocketing out every week.

We like to call it Outerblue. It’s not a dream. It’s a dream realized. Let’s launch our ventures together.

Join RoadtripN now and let’s do this.

Share the Route with Friends

Farmvillage Tour Club

So here’s the thing. This adventure really begins to hit stride about the time that you’re getting excited to share it with others. By now, you’ve logged in and made your way to theSpace, taken a few spins around the RoadtripN, and started catching glimpses of Owderblue. At this point, you’re like wow this is actually pretty cool.

Here’s the not so little secret – the owderblue begins to gray if you don’t share it with friends. Pass the map forward and show us all the route. This is when things really go galactic.

Prairie Roadrunner


Criss-crossing this great land of ours determined to encourage prosperity and laughter as we go. Why else would you roadtripN?

Louder laughter than the cackles ringing from Kansas is hard to find. First off, they have a monumental location that causes you to pass through it twice if you want to go coast-to-coast and back. Effectively, just by winning the lottery of being born in Kansas, they are promised two visits by our roadtripN’ers simply due to roundtrip physics.

When we swung in to chat with this pictured farmer, he admitted that we must bring somewhere in the neighborhood of $2 billion GDP give or take a couple just to his community alone. We buy the wheat they grow for our hamburger buns, the cows they raise for the burger, and we pay the toll fees for the road just to receive the pleasure of catching this steel Owderblue glimpse.

How loud must the laughter get? Give a roadtripN’er a break rolls on.

West Coast Patriot


Coast to coast and station to station, we’re out locating Owderblue destinations for the benefit of our fellow roadtripN’ers. We recognize the sheer enormity of this task and how vital it is to keep pedals to the metal. Just think how many industries we cause to employ from the fossil fuel group, the environmental lobbyist, the automobile manufacturer, and the safety advocate to the fast food worker, the hotel front desk person, and the internet blog software team. We’re just guessing here that this photo alone probably stimulates somewhere in the neighborhood of $2 billion GDP give or take a couple.

And given this massive economic contribution, we’re thinking it’s time that roadtripN’ers garner some sort of national reciprocity. At least, if nothing else, could we please legislate that all windshield cleaner containers at our favorite rest stops be kept full? Would you please help us by enforcing fines and even some jail time for this offense that quite frankly just about brings our economy to a halt?

If this can’t be done, then at least could we find a car wash sponsor that would offer one free car wash a day to our cross-country sojourner friends? Any takers?

Owderblue full steam ahead. Give a roadtripN’er a break decade in progress.



Spreading the love going door to door. We will go anywhere we’re requested to come and share the way that we’ve found to Owderblue.

We do so for a number of reasons.

First, we know what it was like. We have experienced the sense of desperation and loneliness that breaks our heart for fellow sufferers. We have experienced the effects that accompany the illness. Broken relationships, broken promises, broken finances, broken spirits. We know the road.

We have a pretty good line on what happened too. We can share with some clarity on when we began to see a change. We have seen a similar path walked by a number of other people which lends some confidence that this is a route that can be tried by most of us. We can share the solution that we’ve found working as we approach on a daily basis.

Finally, we go wherever because we can’t contain our gratitude. We have been hopeless. Now, we have hope. We are open to receive any invitation to share this hope with others.


curator car

Dressed to the nines with some place to go! As we’ve mentioned in previous posts, we’ve been driving for some time now to finally arrive here at the starting line. We’ve driven through some deep fog and some very dry desert searching to find the way out of our funk.

The lesson we’ve learned that has been most valuable is keep driving. Keep moving, keep taking action, keep searching for the road, keep plugging along. Do all of these things under the guidance of someone who has a feel for the directions. Their supportive counsel and knowledge of the terrain comes in handy when you get stuck in a ditch or find yourself in a tunnel.

There is hope and there is a road that leads Owderblue. We’re here to help if you’re looking.



Come by and say hello! Yes, there’s traffic that gets in the way. There’s things to do, things that seem more important, things that get in the way of accepting the invitation. We understand. We found it hard to stop by and say hello for the longest time.

But, then the road came to a standstill. A near dead stop. We wanted to move. The traffic was moving. But, we weren’t. Our heads raced around like Indy cars. Our feet stuck in neutral. It is a strange sensation when we are faced with this kind of traffic jam.

Here’s what we’ve seen and experienced. The traffic changed when we asked for help. We’re not saying that all of the sudden every lane opened up and we were back to normal. In fact, far from it.

However, the traffic did change. It was like we had hold of the choke on the engine. When we asked for some help and direction, it felt like the choke was slowly releasing. It felt like maybe there was some hope for the streets being cleared. It felt like just maybe these other drivers had been here too. The lanes didn’t just open up by extending our hands, but for the first time in a long time there seemed a possibility of Owderblue. For the first time in a long time, there was hope.