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For over 10 years now, we have been roadtripN the PaintSafe solution to manufacturers large and small in a variety of industries throughout North America. We are grateful for all the interest and inquiries that we receive daily regarding the need to safely handle and dispose of used paint filters and waste.

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Spontaneous Ignition?

Danish Fire

Have you ever heard of spontaneous ignition? Or self-ignition?

Paint filters and solvent rags have the ability to spontaneously self-ignite and this event can lead to damaging home and industrial plant fires. Here’s an interesting insurance report that states Danish fire brigades indicate 6% of industrial fires were caused by this very issue in 2006 alone.

Here’s another enlightening read on this topic: Spontaneous Combustion of Used Paint Filter Study by Iowa Waste Reduction Center – Northern Iowa University.

Spontaneous Ignition? The answer is yes…it does happen.

Thanks O’ Canada

RoadtripN to develop new ideas and technologies has led us all over the map. Given all the places and spaces we’ve been so fortunate to visit, one of our all-time favorites is Canada. Canada’s support of the environment, industry, technology, and entrepreneurial spirit continues to inspire us even today.

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Thanks O’ Canada! Looking forward to going further!

Enchem SteelPrep

Steel Before and After

Are you ready to start seeing the difference that outstanding steel preparatory can make for your finishing operations and products?

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