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Kichwa Tembo

By this point, hopefully you’ve logged onto Cyphr and are making some ventures into Outerblue. We’ve got the bus on the tarmac and we’re ready to roll. Drop your bags in the back and take a seat, we’re off on safari.

Still looking for a pass? Here’s your ticket to join the local scene

RoadtripN Presents Liberia

Liberia goes mobile

Want to be a part of the RoadtripN – Liberia community? Join in our collaborations as we explore Liberia together, start up some amazing new entrepreneurial endeavors, and share the best of the offerings to theSpace. Simply sign-up here to get started today.

Once we receive notification of your subscription, we will forward an invitation to join in the fun! And let us know if you’re headed over anytime soon? We’re finishing up the guesthouse, putting out a few fruit trees, and awaiting your arrival.

Trade Show

Las Vegas Location

We’re prepping the trailers for Project:Trade Show. The goal is that upon completion the show will come off without a hitch.

Tailgatin Trailer

Tailgatin copy

If you’ve followed roadtripN at all for these last few months, you’ve probably caught a little glimpse of our brake lights at your nearby tailgate. Taking the roadshow on the road is what we do when we’re not skiing or golfing or perusing the social networks for cool projects to trail behind.

Anyways, this got us to thinking, why don’t we take you along on a little tailgatin trailer? It’s part project, part social, part brandN – It’s roadtripN at it’s finest. At least, we hope that you’ll find it so. So, we’re off….make sure you drag behind the trailer and save some gas.



Starting a venture in motion is a team effort.

The LaunchPad highlights our friends and their organizations that are adding momentum to some of the coolest ideas going global to and from Costa Rica and around the world.


theSpace Costa Rica

Recently, we completed a study of CO-create spaces from around the globe that provide for community and collaboration. Today, we are expanding on what we’ve learned and imagining our first national campus – theSpace Costa Rica. We are inspired by how these collaborative communities flow amazing entrepreneurial endeavors which influence their cities and regions. The abundance of creative energy and artistic design expressed in their ventures is as impressive as their spaces, if not more so. This influence excites us to imagine such a place in Costa Rica.

Imagine with us a new collaborative space against a backdrop as beautiful as Costa Rica.

Imagine theSpace Costa Rica.

RoadtripN 4 U

Control Panel

RoadtripN is a name that we selected to represent our recent travels in search of our next adventure. For as long as we can remember, there has always been a special intangible quality about packing up and heading out. Perhaps, the intangible quality is the excitement of seeing new places, new spaces, and new cultures. Or perhaps, it’s the anticipation of finding that destination that you appreciate so much you decide never to leave. We’re really not quite sure what IT is. We just feel inspired to go and inspired to share what we find.

Which brings us to Costa Rica. On a recent roadtrip, we found the destination that we never want to leave. We found the places, and spaces, and culture that excite us to retire right this instant. We have found our next adventure – RE-thinking, RE-designing, RE-inventing, RE-framing, RE-modeling, RE-sorting, RE-tirements. We’re roadtripN 4 U and showing you how we’re coming to call Costa Rica home for the remainder of days. We’re even thinking you may want to come along and join us. It is that special!

Now, we still plan to hit the road and go different places and see different things. The big difference now is that everything is going to be viewed from a different lens. Is it as Pura Vida as Costa Rica? The bar is now set higher. The roadtripN continues, but it continues with a stacked deck. Because paradise is no longer a fantasy pictured in our minds. Paradise is now found and her name is Costa Rica.