Rocket Launchers of Entrepreneurships

Mission Control to theSpace

Ready to rocket launch your entrepreneurships? If so, then you might wish to consider our team of assistants that have made a few moonshots themselves….including this one you’re currently viewing.

We’re on stand by here at mission control just awaiting your signal to fire the engines.

theSpace awaits just ready to see your business venture further than even you might imagine.

Dog Trainers? Who Knew?

craftsmen large

So, we’re just doing what we do and up walks a dog trainer. Seems she could use a little sales help, so she said. “What exactly might be helpful”, we asked? “Well, I’m out everyday just trying to keep up with the work I’ve got. That is until the work is done and then I’m on the phones and trying to generate new business and get paid for the last training….which means that now the work that pays the bills comes to a slow stop.”

See the problem? This is just one of the intersections you are likely to meet our project teams.


Kichwa Tembo

Setting the travel plans now to begin the Outerblue Projects. We’re as excited as we’ve been in a while because this is what we’ve been driving towards for sometime now. The Outerblue Projects are a lifetime in the making. We are thrilled to share them with you and hope that you may be encouraged to hear the stories and join in the fun.

Costa Rica – RE-tirement RE-volution

The Fisherman

Hear ye, hear ye! This is project amplification. We’re RE-thinking, RE-designing, RE-inventing, RE-framing, RE-modeling, RE-sorting, RE-tirement and looking to Costa Rica for RE-al estate.