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Reunion Fireworks

Dallas is busy, busy, busy at work. By most appearances, Dallas is a hub of wealth and happiness. Dig a little deeper though and men are wrestling with a level of angst over their current career and/or life. One of the richest cities on the planet also has one of the highest levels of depression and dissatisfaction.

How can this be? How can men be dissatisfied? How can men change course if need be? This is an experience that we can offer insights. We came to this fork-in-the-road intersection and knew that something had to change. Today, we share our experience of changing course and offer of assistance to help other men do the same.

Gatherings in Dallas are happening throughout 2015 and online meetings are available daily. For further info, contact RoadtripN at:

We’re excited to participate in theSpace for men to change course in Dallas! We hope that you may contact us and join along in this adventure!