Please don’t hiatus for taking a little break from the match play. Getting adjusted to these retirement rounds has taken a little more getting used to than we first expected. Hard pressed to explain, all we can gather is that our normally laser-like focus drifted a little off the fairway and our swing seemed more that of a slice. Obviously, given our dire straits out in the rough, a timeout was necessary to hit the range. Practice, practice, and practice. We’ve found the course again and we’re driving back onto the tour. Get ready. It’s time for some recreation. A.Bandon here we come.


Casa Buena Vista Cacique resize 008

Going door to door to show the best of the best. Just another awesome perk of taking the roadtrip global to find the places and spaces that inspire. And from our humble perspective, the Playas are the creme de la creme. Just look over that balcony. Wow! Spectacular!

Come on down to Playa del Coco and Playa Hermosa. Let us show you around the place. This is living!


Bodysurfing Wipe out

Spills, thrills, and chills. Living up retirement! Come on down to Costa Rica!

Costa Rica RE-tirement RE-volution

The Fisherman

RE-thinking, RE-designing, RE-inventing, RE-framing, RE-modeling, RE-sorting, RE-tirement. It is the perfect project of the future and it is taking us to Costa Rica today to make it happen. Join in the fun and see if your plan for retirement is a match made for the paradise of Costa Rica.

Sightings from the Owderblue

Scuba Costa Rica

There are plenty of sights to see. Come on take the leap. Jump into your retirement. Jump into the Owderblue!

Costa Rican Fisherman

Sport Fishing

Leaving the bankers behind, we’re setting off to do some fishing with our Costa Rica friends.

Launching the Boats


It’s official. Day One of the Owderblue is underway. The boats are launching and we’re set off to Costa Rica for the adventure of retirement. Come along for the ride!

Locally Global Showing Costa Rica

Villa San Juan

One look at the Costa Rican properties and it appears that every luxury house sits on the top of the world with a view of the ocean. Beautiful sights to see!


Rayito de Luna

Looking for the perfect place to getaway for good. Take a look at San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua. This beautiful coastal town on the Pacific is a hidden gem that will be found very soon.

San Juan del Sur offers a tranquil and fun lifestyle on gorgeous beaches, deep sea fishing, spear fishing, sailing, surfing, golfing, hiking, enjoying nature, horseback riding, and adventure. Enjoy all of the things that you weren’t able to in your pre-getaway lives. If you’re seeking a slowdown to the pace, Nicaragua may be the perfect fit for you.

Costa Rica – RE-tirement RE-volution

The Fisherman

Hear ye, hear ye! This is project amplification. We’re RE-thinking, RE-designing, RE-inventing, RE-framing, RE-modeling, RE-sorting, RE-tirement and looking to Costa Rica for RE-al estate.