All indications are that we’re heading west. We’ve received a number of invitations for the fall to connect and participate in Outerblue conversations. It is such a thrill when you begin to see dreams take shape. Connections lead to conversations which lead to collaborations leading finally to contributions. These contributions make all the difference in the world. They are the first real glimpses of a reality that exists beyond our wildest dreams. Time to hit the road. Westward bound!

Why are we tripN?


Someone has to take up this duty. Someone has to get this country back on the road to somewhere. Someone has to start tipping the scales and the service providers like only a roadtripN’er can or this whole situation may just get out of hand.

It is with this reasoning and the fact that we qualify as someones that we take up the mantle. Follow along if you dare, we are going tripN for America. May our mission be successful because failure is really not an alternative that any of us may wish to face.


curator car

Dressed to the nines with some place to go! As we’ve mentioned in previous posts, we’ve been driving for some time now to finally arrive here at the starting line. We’ve driven through some deep fog and some very dry desert searching to find the way out of our funk.

The lesson we’ve learned that has been most valuable is keep driving. Keep moving, keep taking action, keep searching for the road, keep plugging along. Do all of these things under the guidance of someone who has a feel for the directions. Their supportive counsel and knowledge of the terrain comes in handy when you get stuck in a ditch or find yourself in a tunnel.

There is hope and there is a road that leads Owderblue. We’re here to help if you’re looking.



Come by and say hello! Yes, there’s traffic that gets in the way. There’s things to do, things that seem more important, things that get in the way of accepting the invitation. We understand. We found it hard to stop by and say hello for the longest time.

But, then the road came to a standstill. A near dead stop. We wanted to move. The traffic was moving. But, we weren’t. Our heads raced around like Indy cars. Our feet stuck in neutral. It is a strange sensation when we are faced with this kind of traffic jam.

Here’s what we’ve seen and experienced. The traffic changed when we asked for help. We’re not saying that all of the sudden every lane opened up and we were back to normal. In fact, far from it.

However, the traffic did change. It was like we had hold of the choke on the engine. When we asked for some help and direction, it felt like the choke was slowly releasing. It felt like maybe there was some hope for the streets being cleared. It felt like just maybe these other drivers had been here too. The lanes didn’t just open up by extending our hands, but for the first time in a long time there seemed a possibility of Owderblue. For the first time in a long time, there was hope.


Kichwa Tembo

Setting the travel plans now to begin the Outerblue Projects. We’re as excited as we’ve been in a while because this is what we’ve been driving towards for sometime now. The Outerblue Projects are a lifetime in the making. We are thrilled to share them with you and hope that you may be encouraged to hear the stories and join in the fun.

A.Bandon Inn

Abandon Inn

Next time your roadtrip leads you to swing through Bandon, Oregon stop and stay at The Abandon Inn. Is there a better name for a roadtripN stopover? You’ve taken to the road, you’ve traveled far and wide, you’ve done so not fully sure what is in store except that you’ve heard good things. Then you arrive and realize that the reward is far greater than any risk assumed. You’ve reached the place and it was actually quite simple to get there…you just A.bandon Inn…all-in. Go for it, go big leave home!



So, we’ve been out for a couple of weeks coasting around. Set the cruise control and go wherever the road takes us. And as A.Bandon would have it, coasting took us to the Oregon coast. Now we’re starting to see the bigger picture. Even with our feet off the gas, this retirement adventure is full of possibilities. Too cool!


golf 9

We knew we had to start driving again as soon as we reached this hole. Putting all the way from the tee box just wasn’t an option here. Are you ready? Lace’em up!


thespace perfect

We’ve found that when we adventure to discover, we’re coming to discover the adventure. It’s a strange truth that we’re becoming more convinced the further that we travel. If you’re interested to see it for yourself, climb aboard. theSpace is wide open for exploration.


Casa Buena Vista Cacique resize 002

Kickin back in theSpace and looking out over the Pacifico. This is a pretty special day for reflecting on just how good we have it. Wanta know why this is a pretty special day for this kind of reflection? It’s simple, really. It’s Tuesday and we’re looking out over the Pacifico. Need we say more?