Commission Crowd Please


This is where the rubber meets the roadtripN. Communicating with our team across continents, cities, and states takes a global bridge. Our goal to effectively grow your business anytime and anywhere now has a new partner – Commission Crowd.

The vehicle is now ready. It’s out of the hangar and ready to fly. Now, it is totally up to you. Where can we assist to take your revenues? Let’s take her up for a spin and let’s just go find out!

VSL = Venturing Systems Laboratory

Control Panel

Welcome to the mission control center of VSL Seaworthy.

VSL equates to Venturing Systems Laboratory. It is from here that we venture entrepreneurships with some of the finest partners from around the globe. It is from here that we balance venturing with systems. Systems like our Flymach co-piloting, our RoadtripN exhibits, and our Co.Mission architectures. It is from here that we dream up and find introduction to new experiments ready made for testing in our laboratory.

Sharing our 20+ years of experience, we’re a rolling, traveling, venturing systems laboratory built for high-speed entrepreneurship.

Say hello and let’s begin to dream, design, develop, and deliver together.

Being Seaworthy launches further!


Big Blue Bear

Denver is known everywhere for being wide open to experimentation. From its very earliest days, people from everywhere have come to the front range searching to go a different direction. Today is the new day to lay stake to your claim and change the course.

Cool things are happening in local small businesses throughout Denver each and everyday. For further info, check out the Cyphr space

Join along in this adventure!

Share the Route with Friends

Farmvillage Tour Club

So here’s the thing. This adventure really begins to hit stride about the time that you’re getting excited to share it with others. By now, you’ve logged in and made your way to theSpace, taken a few spins around the RoadtripN, and started catching glimpses of Owderblue. At this point, you’re like wow this is actually pretty cool.

Here’s the not so little secret – the owderblue begins to gray if you don’t share it with friends. Pass the map forward and show us all the route. This is when things really go galactic.

Join the RoadtripN

Kichwa Tembo

By this point, hopefully you’ve logged onto Cyphr and are making some ventures into Outerblue. We’ve got the bus on the tarmac and we’re ready to roll. Drop your bags in the back and take a seat, we’re off on safari.

Still looking for a pass? Here’s your ticket to join the local scene

Log onto


Are you interested to take part in a new adventure? Are you ready to launch your entrepreneurship?

theSpace is now open as we’re setting off on a galactic roadtripN leading to outerblue. Log onto to get started and then come join our cell @RoadtripN. We’re out and about for the first quarter of 2015 and will be extending broader invitations soon. Grab a spot now as we realize a movement being formed.

Where are we tripN?


We’re heading out into theSpace full throttle. This means wherever we find an opportunity to map up and head out, we’re gone before the next sunrise. Where are we tripN? Where should we trip? We’re open to all suggestions and just waiting for a reason. Let us know, we’re packing up as we type.

Prairie Roadrunner


Criss-crossing this great land of ours determined to encourage prosperity and laughter as we go. Why else would you roadtripN?

Louder laughter than the cackles ringing from Kansas is hard to find. First off, they have a monumental location that causes you to pass through it twice if you want to go coast-to-coast and back. Effectively, just by winning the lottery of being born in Kansas, they are promised two visits by our roadtripN’ers simply due to roundtrip physics.

When we swung in to chat with this pictured farmer, he admitted that we must bring somewhere in the neighborhood of $2 billion GDP give or take a couple just to his community alone. We buy the wheat they grow for our hamburger buns, the cows they raise for the burger, and we pay the toll fees for the road just to receive the pleasure of catching this steel Owderblue glimpse.

How loud must the laughter get? Give a roadtripN’er a break rolls on.



Spreading the love going door to door. We will go anywhere we’re requested to come and share the way that we’ve found to Owderblue.

We do so for a number of reasons.

First, we know what it was like. We have experienced the sense of desperation and loneliness that breaks our heart for fellow sufferers. We have experienced the effects that accompany the illness. Broken relationships, broken promises, broken finances, broken spirits. We know the road.

We have a pretty good line on what happened too. We can share with some clarity on when we began to see a change. We have seen a similar path walked by a number of other people which lends some confidence that this is a route that can be tried by most of us. We can share the solution that we’ve found working as we approach on a daily basis.

Finally, we go wherever because we can’t contain our gratitude. We have been hopeless. Now, we have hope. We are open to receive any invitation to share this hope with others.

Tour Club

golf club

In case you’ve just started tracking along with our roadtripN, we’re a tour club project unlike any other. It isn’t that we necessarily have a great game or that we’ve got this retirement thing all figured out. Neither of these things are remotely the case. We just love to travel, we love to play, we enjoy the recreation all around us, and we’re convinced it is more fun going with the group. So if you’re searching for some adventure and interested to try something new, raise your hand. All it takes to join the tour club is a desire to get out here. Game on! Let’s drive!