Why are we tripN?


Someone has to take up this duty. Someone has to get this country back on the road to somewhere. Someone has to start tipping the scales and the service providers like only a roadtripN’er can or this whole situation may just get out of hand.

It is with this reasoning and the fact that we qualify as someones that we take up the mantle. Follow along if you dare, we are going tripN for America. May our mission be successful because failure is really not an alternative that any of us may wish to face.



There is wisdom in going up the mountain with someone who has already made the climb and has an experienced compass. Whenever we come to that life pass where a change in direction is necessary, it would seem the best course of action would be to invite the help of a sherpa.

Can you imagine being an astronaut on your first space mission and being called upon to spacewalk outside the shuttle? Can you imagine if you hadn’t received any training in the simulator? What would you do?

Why is it that when life throws a man a curve that is comparable to spacewalking many men choose to walk out into the foreign unknown without seeking for someone who has been there and done that?

If we could offer any advice from our past mistakes, find a sherpa. Whenever you come to that life pass where a change in direction is imperative, find a sherpa.

And then? Head out! Let’s climb!

Share the Route with Friends

Farmvillage Tour Club

So here’s the thing. This adventure really begins to hit stride about the time that you’re getting excited to share it with others. By now, you’ve logged in and made your way to theSpace, taken a few spins around the RoadtripN, and started catching glimpses of Owderblue. At this point, you’re like wow this is actually pretty cool.

Here’s the not so little secret – the owderblue begins to gray if you don’t share it with friends. Pass the map forward and show us all the route. This is when things really go galactic.