Metal Armour

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Have rusty steel? We can help clean it up. We can help to rust free it.

Want to protect your steel from rusting going forward? Want to protect your aluminum from corrosion? We can help protect it too.

Today, the VSL (Venturing Systems Laboratory) is in high gear kicking out the notices that today is the day to put on Metal Armour. Whether you’re storing or shipping steel and aluminum products in the yard, on the rail, or across the sea, protect with the Metal Armour coat that prevents corrosion from the get go.

Time to RustFree and Metal Armour America! Time to RustFree and Metal Armour around the world!

Clean it Up

RustFree - Edge-of-Desert

Rust may have been kicking the stuffing out of your steel for quite some time now. Yet, don’t lose hope! It can come clean. Check out the two step process that we use to clean your steel and stop it from coming back.

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We’re launching out again today to beat rust. Time to clean it up!

Rust Free Steel

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Cruising the globe to rust free steel is tough as nails making work. For one thing, there is just flat a lot of rust out here. And then, where there is rust, there is resistance to come clean. And then, we’re not just proposing to clean any old surface. We’re proposing to clean steel forged by fire. Steel that doesn’t want to change.

Sound familiar?

Most of the initial meetings go along the lines of “we’re just going to sandblast off our rust”. What they really seem to mean is they’re hoping that erosion will just do the trick over time. The problem with sandblasting is no sooner does erosion finally do its thing than flash rust starts up again. Erosion, rust, erosion, rust.

Sound familiar?

Finally though, a break through happens. Finally, we hit the point where rust must go. Steely as we are, the rust must go. People are no longer willing to buy our rusty steel. Imagine that?

So, we look to change. We look to catalyze something new and different and better. And turns out, the new, different, and better is also more cost effective, more profitable, and brings forth our shine like the sands of time never could.

Welcome to Rust Free America! Welcome to Rust Free around the globe! Steel has another chance to save its face. We’d love to show you how we’re helping others to rust free their steel.

Enchem SteelPrep

Steel Before and After

Are you ready to start seeing the difference that outstanding steel preparatory can make for your finishing operations and products?

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Give us a call today at 469.844.3727 or email us at and let’s get started. We’re ready to share our SteelPrep products and experience with you to improve the adhesion and performance of your paint and powder coating finishes.

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