Beta: Learning Com

After years of drafting and sketching, the beta group of learning communities are now enrolling for the first spring semester of theSpace. To share that we are over the moon is an understatement. As readers of our travelers blog know, we have been out and about roadtripN this concept for years. The ups and downs and turns and twists of this road to finally arrive here have been adventurous to say the least. Thanks for riding along with us and helping to see us to this destination.

So, now we are here – what’s next?

It looks like the first four beta groups of learning to be formed are as diverse as our fellow roadtrippers.

First Semester Offerings:

– Chemistry
– Music
– Physical Training
– Dog Training

If any of these subjects interest you, drop us a line. Our group leaders are excited to share their knowledge on these subjects and develop communities that explore these interests in very practical and interactive ways.

Again, WOW! Just as we were puttering to a near stop, the idea that applying ourselves to search further into the unknown of our dreams proved itself yet once more. This is the way of learning moving into the future. Come and see for yourselves if you would like. We welcome you to test our beta: learning com and look forward to seeing where else this may lead.

Co-Piloting Antithesis


Have you ever considered that your greatest need for your small business may be to involve a co-piloting antithesis? When we were younger, we couldn’t have even dreamed such a thought. Sure, you were welcome to come along for the ride. But, as for passenger-side driving instructors, you need not apply.

Well, miles and miles and miles later, there is still a pretty great distance between where we find ourselves standing and where we have forever dreamed of going. What if this distance is still so great because we’re not fully self-equipped to set the course and drive the ship and do the maintenance? What about that time we hired someone similar to us to join in co-piloting?

Just throwing this out there…solopreneurs may be better served to join forces with a co-piloting antithesis.


Flymach 6

After years in dream, design, and development stages, we’re very stoked to unveil our latest and most futuristic VSL entrepreneurship to date.

Painstakingly modeled and hand-crafted to bring new symmetry and systems to our growing client base, Flymach may soon become the co-piloting antithesis of choice for solopreneurs everywhere. Flymach is the Rock-n-roll or the Roll-n-Rock depending on your small biz needs.

As for details, photos, references, white papers, etc? Flymach is custom-built and available strictly by referral. If you’ve heard of our work from our clients and made your way here looking to connect, drop us a line with further specifics and we’ll return your contact within 72 hours.