There is wisdom in going up the mountain with someone who has already made the climb and has an experienced compass. Whenever we come to that life pass where a change in direction is necessary, it would seem the best course of action would be to invite the help of a sherpa.

Can you imagine being an astronaut on your first space mission and being called upon to spacewalk outside the shuttle? Can you imagine if you hadn’t received any training in the simulator? What would you do?

Why is it that when life throws a man a curve that is comparable to spacewalking many men choose to walk out into the foreign unknown without seeking for someone who has been there and done that?

If we could offer any advice from our past mistakes, find a sherpa. Whenever you come to that life pass where a change in direction is imperative, find a sherpa.

And then? Head out! Let’s climb!

Dog Trainers? Who Knew?

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So, we’re just doing what we do and up walks a dog trainer. Seems she could use a little sales help, so she said. “What exactly might be helpful”, we asked? “Well, I’m out everyday just trying to keep up with the work I’ve got. That is until the work is done and then I’m on the phones and trying to generate new business and get paid for the last training….which means that now the work that pays the bills comes to a slow stop.”

See the problem? This is just one of the intersections you are likely to meet our project teams.

Co-Piloting Antithesis


Have you ever considered that your greatest need for your small business may be to involve a co-piloting antithesis? When we were younger, we couldn’t have even dreamed such a thought. Sure, you were welcome to come along for the ride. But, as for passenger-side driving instructors, you need not apply.

Well, miles and miles and miles later, there is still a pretty great distance between where we find ourselves standing and where we have forever dreamed of going. What if this distance is still so great because we’re not fully self-equipped to set the course and drive the ship and do the maintenance? What about that time we hired someone similar to us to join in co-piloting?

Just throwing this out there…solopreneurs may be better served to join forces with a co-piloting antithesis.



Today, we’re launching out new ways to give our neighborhoods the hyper-local mobile signage they desperately need. The truth of the matter is that our local entrepreneurs are getting lost in the noise and swamped in the spam. These right-around-the-corner small business owners would love to reach out to you in an authentic and open manner, but the thing is they just can’t be heard anymore. The ruckus currently is deafening and desensitizing. Even if your business is trusted and well respected in our local circles, we simply do not have the time nor energy nor willingness to read your facebook posts or direct messages or really any other form of communication. We’re already inundated with the most inane buzzfeed videos and twitter follower salesmen and push notifications saying that our apps really haven’t seen us as often as they would like. Sorry, we love you and will most definitely miss you in the neighborhood when you’re gone, but we’re really busy tracking our Amazon order to see if it’s still on-time.


Roadtrip Rolls On

This picture offers a friendly reminder that local mobile is ever changing. What used to carry the small business owner back and forth to the shop and to his or her customers is probably not working as well as it used to. In fact, it may even be so broken that you have resigned yourself and are now considering nothing more than turning the old way into a roadside art attraction. Just saying it can happen to even the best of Cadillacs.

We’re now out and about exploring with small business owners some new ideas how to make lemonade out of lemons. See the change that is happening can be the worst thing that ever happened or the best thing depending solely on whether or not you find new ways to change too.

We’re not saying it is gonna be easy. We’re just saying it is gonna be.



Can you picture yourself on a Spacewalk? Doesn’t this seem highly impossible and unlikely? Totally foreign? Totally frightening?

For men who really want to get off the bench, we invite you to join us for a four-part conversation where we explore 1-on-1:

– Where do we find ourselves now?

– Where are we headed?

– Where are we in need of development?

– Where are we taking action to move forward?

For many of the reasons we highlighted above, we call this series – “Spacewalks”. We admit these conversations probably look scary at first glance. Compared to an actual spacewalk though, isn’t this really more like a walk in the park?

For men who are interested to explore and go further, contact RoadtripN:

Paying Dues

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This post has been up now all of three minutes and it is already the most clicked post on the front page. The reason for this is simple. Everyone is consumed with how it works, how it makes money, how much is it going to cost, and who is getting paid. We ask that you relax a little and not get too uptight over this. By the time this post means anything with regards to monetary exchange or contribution, theSpace and RoadtripN will have more than proved themselves as being worthy of a little pitch in to the hat. For now, sit back and enjoy the ride. When you’re ready to take that leap into the Owderblue, we’ll address a fair go-forward that will help us keep the lights on and keep gas in the bus.



Spreading the love going door to door. We will go anywhere we’re requested to come and share the way that we’ve found to Owderblue.

We do so for a number of reasons.

First, we know what it was like. We have experienced the sense of desperation and loneliness that breaks our heart for fellow sufferers. We have experienced the effects that accompany the illness. Broken relationships, broken promises, broken finances, broken spirits. We know the road.

We have a pretty good line on what happened too. We can share with some clarity on when we began to see a change. We have seen a similar path walked by a number of other people which lends some confidence that this is a route that can be tried by most of us. We can share the solution that we’ve found working as we approach on a daily basis.

Finally, we go wherever because we can’t contain our gratitude. We have been hopeless. Now, we have hope. We are open to receive any invitation to share this hope with others.

SupportN by RoadtripN

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Good luck on the pitches and travels.

PassBooks for Bucks

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After our games, we also kicked off fundraising this weekend. We passed out over 60,000 playbooks to fans headed to the UT football game on Saturday. Hopefully those of you who received a playbook will enjoy it in spite of the outcome of the game!

If you want to support our team, please click the burnt orange link on the right side of the page. All donations are hugely appreciated and help up get one step closer to taking our #roadtrip to Nationals in Phoenix, Arizona! HOOK ‘EM!!