Thanks O’ Canada

RoadtripN to develop new ideas and technologies has led us all over the map. Given all the places and spaces we’ve been so fortunate to visit, one of our all-time favorites is Canada. Canada’s support of the environment, industry, technology, and entrepreneurial spirit continues to inspire us even today.

Certificate -- Canada-1

Certificate -- Canada-2

Thanks O’ Canada! Looking forward to going further!


curator car

As we traverse the globe presenting theSpace to retirees, entrepreneurs, and investors, we curate a few other topics of interest.

Here’s a list of the curations:

LaunchPad – Entrepreneurs and Business
Showcase – Architecture and Design
RE-volution – Retirement and Recreation
RoadtripN – Art and Travel
Owderblue – Inspiration and Skylines
Locally Global – Luxury Real Estate Properties

If you live abroad and have an interest to share theSpace with your place in the world, please let us know. Due to rapid expansion, we are constantly on the lookout for great curators and networkers. If this describes you, contact us. We would love to learn more about your perspective.