Moving CO. Ideas to Structure Design & Testing

CO Mission Logo-Final

It seems to us that having way too many ideas can bog us down at times. So many great ideas or at least semi-good ones, yet so little time to affect them.

We needed a way to move the ideas out of our heads and onto a page for structuring. At least on the canvas, we could put a picture to it or trip over it or laugh about how ridiculous it was. Once the idea was placed to the draft table, we could then seek feedback and garner a more honest test of the idea. We are finding this process helps to weed through ideas more effectively and lessens the load in our over active idea generator.

For those of you who may wish to see behind the curtain, we periodically sketch our ideas here. It is an exercise that we started a couple of years back and it is fun going to the plan room now and then to see which of these ideas has begun to shape and lead to action.

Moving ideas to structured designs and testing is imperative. Otherwise, these are really just thoughts…