BOOM! Returns onto the Road

Kichwa Tembo

It can nearly become too serious and tragic business when one starts to lose their sense of humor about this whole safari thing. Just cruising along, dreaming of elephants and rhinoceroses. Then, BOOM! Why not become a lion tamer?

Why not show that lion a trick or two? What’s the lion pride strutting around for anyway? Surely, we could better manage the circus, right?

It’s a nice, tough lesson to learn that there is something to be said for just cruising along, dreaming of elephants and rhinoceroses.

theSpace Moving West


The first two sites are launched and two more appear to be on the near horizon. theSpace is now open in Dallas and Denver with Albuquerque and Las Vegas upcoming.

What exactly is theSpace you may be asking? theSpace is an exploratory community of primarily men that have experience with a total change of direction in their lives and/or careers. theSpace is part support, part encouragement, part incubator, and part map room offering experience and insights while walking alongside men through these transitions.

If you are struggling to find the way right now in your career, business, family, health, or life – we invite you to check out theSpace.


Big Blue Bear

Denver is known everywhere for being wide open to experimentation. From its very earliest days, people from everywhere have come to the front range searching to go a different direction. Today is the new day to lay stake to your claim and change the course.

Cool things are happening in local small businesses throughout Denver each and everyday. For further info, check out the Cyphr space

Join along in this adventure!



Being available to our families today is such a gift. Basking in the glow that is showing love to those angels who stuck with us through thick and thin. Thankful the lights went on in our lives. Thankful for the purpose we now have to share in the rebuilding of foundations while making such good use of our past experiences.

What a design! What grace! Thank you for flooding our emptiness!


RoadtripN Sunrise

All-in and holding nothing back, this dawning of day shouts it out loud. Awaken, there is no need to suffer any longer. The beams of brilliant light piercing out of the old rubble make clear the way is paved and passage is secure. What a sight to see refreshed down-and-outers giving themselves to the down-and-out.

Sound the trumpets. Life is coming to the emptiest of places. In plain view, the rebellion of false appearances is being offered the invitation to step out of the shadows and become transparent.

Here we go! Dawn is breaking in! Prayers for help are being answered! Time to go soaring!

Log onto


Are you interested to take part in a new adventure? Are you ready to launch your entrepreneurship?

theSpace is now open as we’re setting off on a galactic roadtripN leading to outerblue. Log onto to get started and then come join our cell @RoadtripN. We’re out and about for the first quarter of 2015 and will be extending broader invitations soon. Grab a spot now as we realize a movement being formed.

A Map to RoadtripN


It has been quite a while that we’ve been searching and sharing that we’re out and about to locate theSpace. It hasn’t been easy to find a non-location location from which to launchpad ventures. Every time we would set our sights on a spot, we’d get a call up from another entrepreneurship located somewhere else out west.

So we finally settled on let’s meet together in your theSpace and forge our RoadtripN preparations here. Welcome to RoadtripN’s garage.

Oops..almost forgot…here’s the map to RoadtripN. Go ahead and invite some friends…plenty of space and the more the merry.


Casa Buena Vista Cacique resize 002

Kickin back in theSpace and looking out over the Pacifico. This is a pretty special day for reflecting on just how good we have it. Wanta know why this is a pretty special day for this kind of reflection? It’s simple, really. It’s Tuesday and we’re looking out over the Pacifico. Need we say more?

Mission Control

Mission Control to theSpace

Mission Control to theSpace-Houston


ROW bar Kickstarter

theSpace launched like a missile straight of a NASA. Known for having a little wildcatter and also a little astronaut in their blood, this should have been expected. But, even we were surprised to be introduced to a body rocket fuel system ready-made to share along the RoadtripN with all of our theSpace friends.

We’re here to tell you – the opportunity is available if you venture out into theSpace.

In 3…2…1… Ignition – Houston, we have a lift off!