Mind Own Business

Found a guide of sorts the other day. It declared that the ambition I would like to make is made best when minding my own business.

Honestly, at first glance, I thought that is simple enough. But, a week later I sat down to inventory my own business and realized that I had spent a good deal of time that week minding way too many other businesses under the sun.

The good news is now I know that there is a lot of room for improvement in this area. A lot of room! I almost feel like my entire professional training and specialization has been geared towards opposite world in this area.

Maybe this is what is meant by it takes a long time to turn the Titanic?

Beta: Learning Com

After years of drafting and sketching, the beta group of learning communities are now enrolling for the first spring semester of theSpace. To share that we are over the moon is an understatement. As readers of our travelers blog know, we have been out and about roadtripN this concept for years. The ups and downs and turns and twists of this road to finally arrive here have been adventurous to say the least. Thanks for riding along with us and helping to see us to this destination.

So, now we are here – what’s next?

It looks like the first four beta groups of learning to be formed are as diverse as our fellow roadtrippers.

First Semester Offerings:

– Chemistry
– Music
– Physical Training
– Dog Training

If any of these subjects interest you, drop us a line. Our group leaders are excited to share their knowledge on these subjects and develop communities that explore these interests in very practical and interactive ways.

Again, WOW! Just as we were puttering to a near stop, the idea that applying ourselves to search further into the unknown of our dreams proved itself yet once more. This is the way of learning moving into the future. Come and see for yourselves if you would like. We welcome you to test our beta: learning com and look forward to seeing where else this may lead.