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Co.Mission Ventures is a company on a RE-building mission. Co.Mission proudly supports the #roadtripN by bringing their roving entrepreneurial arts studio, classroom, and collaborative to the assistance of entrepreneurs everywhere. In 2014, Co.Mission is venturing out on the #roadtrip to share The American Dreamed. It looks to be quite an adventure. Contact them to schedule a visit to your Space: website.


Photo credit:  UTSA

Photo credit: UTSA

As roadtrip’ers we always root for the visitors. Unless, of course, the game’s held at a neutral site. Then, we root for the team leading at the end.

We always meet the best people at the tailgate.

We always have the best time getting razzed by the home fans.

We always enjoy the moment never knowing if we’ll ever make it back to Lambeau or Death Valley or Wrigley or the Rose Bowl.

Games kick this weekend. It’s another season and reason to take the #roadtrip. So get out, yell loud, have some fun. The #roadtrip continues.


grass field copy

We’ve picked three games that we’re #roadtripN for the weekend.

LSU v TCU – Dallas
Georgia v Clemson – Clemson, SC
Alabama v Virginia Tech – Atlanta

Hope to see you there.

RoadtripN for a Kickoff

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One of the better reasons to #roadtrip – the t-shirt memorial.

#TCU v #LSU – Cowboys Stadium

AT&T stadium

The newly named AT&T Stadium – Host to the Big #weekend #roadtrip game TCU v LSU – Learn some more fun stadium facts regarding this beautiful behemoth.

Chasing or Stuck

Vegas is a chasers’ sort of town. Wild, fast, and flashy, the neon beckons us to let it all hang out and leave the world behind.

Then flash flood forward to the Petrified Forest. This desert monument epitomizes being stuck in time just too afraid to move.

Out here on the #roadtrip, it gets confusing sometimes. Should we being chasing? Should we stand still? If Vegas and the Petrified Forest are the interactive displays presenting this choice before us, which one do we choose?

Here’s to hoping there is another way.

We’re going further on the #roadtrip. We’re going seeking rather than chasing and moving rather than standing still. If you’re up to it, follow along.

Here’s to the adventure.

AZ Kickin T-shirts

Entering_Arizona_on_I-10_Westbound copy

Stock up on @AZ #roadtrip t-shirts. They make great Labor Day presents. Oops, forgot to link the shirt

Standing Still

Photograph by Jack Dykinga/Getty Images

Photograph by Jack Dykinga/Getty Images

Here’s a great share from National Geographic on what’s to be found.

Flagstaff to the Petrified Forest


Played golf and now on to the more serious #roadtrip business. Heading down from Flagstaff to the Petrified Forest. Thoughts this morning are trapped on “just how scared were the rocks that they are still stuck in place after all these years.”

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Keep on RoadtripN!