golf 9

We knew we had to start driving again as soon as we reached this hole. Putting all the way from the tee box just wasn’t an option here. Are you ready? Lace’em up!

Stroll in the Park

Stroll in the Park

Quite a day! Time for a stroll in the park.

Traffic Jam

Traffic Jam

Cruising the afternoon drive time. Road rage is a little depressed in this particular neighborhood.


Casa Buena Vista Cacique resize 008

Going door to door to show the best of the best. Just another awesome perk of taking the roadtrip global to find the places and spaces that inspire. And from our humble perspective, the Playas are the creme de la creme. Just look over that balcony. Wow! Spectacular!

Come on down to Playa del Coco and Playa Hermosa. Let us show you around the place. This is living!

Umbrella Gratitude

Umbrella Reminder

Thanks to all the umbrella makers out there…especially for the little ones that sit atop a frosty coconut drink. This pic is a toast of our gratitude for what you’ve added to the RoadtripN.