Coming Soon – Santiago

The Next UP Venturings get underway soon.

June 1st, 2018 – Studio N – theSpace launches in Santiago, Chile

Landscapers? Who Knew?


So, we’re just doing what we do and up walks a landscaper. Seems he could use a little sales help, so he said. “What exactly might be helpful”, we asked? “Well, I’m out everyday just trying to keep up with the work I’ve got. That is until the work is done and then I’m on the phones and trying to generate new business and get paid for the last project….which means that now the work that pays the bills comes to a slow stop.”

See the problem? This is just one of the intersections you are likely to meet our project teams.


theSpace Costa Rica

Recently, we completed a study of CO-create spaces from around the globe that provide for community and collaboration. Today, we are expanding on what we’ve learned and imagining our first national campus – theSpace Costa Rica. We are inspired by how these collaborative communities flow amazing entrepreneurial endeavors which influence their cities and regions. The abundance of creative energy and artistic design expressed in their ventures is as impressive as their spaces, if not more so. This influence excites us to imagine such a place in Costa Rica.

Imagine with us a new collaborative space against a backdrop as beautiful as Costa Rica.

Imagine theSpace Costa Rica.

Going Out on the RoadtripN

CO Mission Logo-Final

Co.Sponsoring Brand

Co.Mission Ventures is a company on a RE-building mission. Co.Mission proudly supports the #roadtripN by bringing their roving entrepreneurial arts studio, classroom, and collaborative to the assistance of entrepreneurs everywhere. In 2014, Co.Mission is venturing out on the #roadtrip to share The American Dreamed. It looks to be quite an adventure. Contact them to schedule a visit to your Space: website.