Casa Buena Vista Cacique resize 017

We’ll let the photo speak for itself….kinda, sorta.

Umbrella Gratitude

Umbrella Reminder

Thanks to all the umbrella makers out there…especially for the little ones that sit atop a frosty coconut drink. This pic is a toast of our gratitude for what you’ve added to the RoadtripN.



Welcome home to paradise! What an awesome scene greeted us from the fly-in. This is RoadtripN wearing our best flip-flops for sure.

After a few weeks out on the open lands, it is always refreshing to look over the Silent Waters, feel the ocean breeze, and receive the umbrella drink greeting. And after a couple of coconut concoctions, as you begin to ponder on the little umbrella makers themselves and just what a service they provide with their craftsmanship and how the drink just wouldn’t be as cool without the tiny shade….you breathe in and look to the blue and thank your lucky stars for the call-up to theSpace.

Seriously, are you taking this all in? Pretty spectacular!

Locally Global Showing Belize

Photo 17

Here’s a little beauty where we like to stay when we track down to Belize and scuba the Caribbean.