curator car

Dressed to the nines with some place to go! As we’ve mentioned in previous posts, we’ve been driving for some time now to finally arrive here at the starting line. We’ve driven through some deep fog and some very dry desert searching to find the way out of our funk.

The lesson we’ve learned that has been most valuable is keep driving. Keep moving, keep taking action, keep searching for the road, keep plugging along. Do all of these things under the guidance of someone who has a feel for the directions. Their supportive counsel and knowledge of the terrain comes in handy when you get stuck in a ditch or find yourself in a tunnel.

There is hope and there is a road that leads Owderblue. We’re here to help if you’re looking.


Kichwa Tembo

Setting the travel plans now to begin the Outerblue Projects. We’re as excited as we’ve been in a while because this is what we’ve been driving towards for sometime now. The Outerblue Projects are a lifetime in the making. We are thrilled to share them with you and hope that you may be encouraged to hear the stories and join in the fun.

WorkN on Labor Day

Grand Central

There are days on the #roadtrip where we find ourselves at the terminal and wonder why we do what we do? We’ve run the courses of self, of others, of the world, and even of the church, yet we still “can’t get no satisfaction”.

We’re working on Labor Day and wondering are we all missing the reason for the means? There has to be a different way – right?