The American Dreamed

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Ever feel swallowed up from chasing after The American Dream? Are there any alternatives to not chasing it? As we’ve been traveling around on the #roadtrip this fall, we’ve been scribbling notes and pursuing answers to a couple of questions that we’ve been so reluctant to address for the longest time.

Is The American Dream dead? Was The American Dream ever actually alive?

Here’s a little poetry preview:

Building the American Dream
Is a sandcastle of beauty
Garnering the attention of all

Washed ashore by the next wave
Amazed it didn’t stand
Saddened by its demise
Troubled by the realization
Everything pointed this direction

Oh, what have we done?
Faithfully pursuing riches

Resigning ourselves to less
Evading the question
Falsifying the data
Undermining the truth
Still time to turn back?
Enlighten us to choose


We’re excited to join in the RoadtripN RE-volution 2014 and look forward to sharing The American Dreamed all across the country. Hope to see you soon at the Saddle Up Circus near you!

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