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You’ve probably heard the Christmas tales of elves and flying reindeer and maybe even the one about a jolly fat man in a red suit. But, the story that really deserves near front and center stage this time of year is that of the TREE.

The most recent reporting and reverberation of the legend of the TREE sounded in 2013 emanating from a small Liberian farm a few miles inland of Monrovia.

As this story goes, one day in early December, a TREE of miraculous origin just sprouted and grew 20 feet to the sky. The message of this event caused quite a stir in the nearby adjacent village and stimulated an exodus rushing out to see the towering trunk.

As the crowds gathered and partook the amazement before their very eyes, excitement and joy spread throughout the assembly. Finding the good news to be true, chatter bound back and forth that good fruit might be soon to follow. And if good fruit followed, perhaps, the fruit would seed the countryside and produce even more trees.

The next day, the crowds returned. Astonished, they found the TREE had produced a leaf canopy overnight that would provide shade for hundreds of families. What a blessed relief this miraculous tree looked to be for a community in desperate need of hope.

On the third day, the crowds returned once more. Rounding the hill, they saw a sight that stirred jubilation. The tree shined brightly holding fruit the size of basketballs. A Christmas miracle indeed they exclaimed, “O’ wonderful gift of the TREE bearing fruit with seeds in it.”

Celebrations ensued and the exuberant community rallied together determined to pre-share an ornament of thanksgiving and gratitude for the TREEs that would take their place in legend.

Please press forward the never to be forgotten legend of “A Tree for A Tree”.

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